Sister Kaylin

A beautiful woman wraped in metal armor with a REALY BIG AXE. Her long red hair is braided into two tails on either side of her head that run down her back to her waist & she has a red scar across her right eye.


Star Sister Fighter, HP: 64, Healing Surge Value: 16, Healing Surges per Day: 13, Speed:6-1=5

STR: 19, CON: 19, DEX: 8, INT: 12, WIS: 12, CHA: 10

AC: 24, FORT: 21, REF: 17, WILL: 17

Fighter Weapon Talent: 2 Handed Weapons (+1 Attack)

Armor Proficiencies: Cloth, leather, hide, chainmail, scale, Plate; light shield, heavy shield.

Weapon Proficiencies: Simple melee, military melee, simple ranged, military ranged.

Trained Skills: Athletics (Str), Endurance (Con), Streetwise (Cha).

Background: Mercinary Caravan Guard (Military) +2 Athletics

Racial Skill Bonuses: +2 Athletics & Nature.

Class Feets: None.

Chosen Feats: Star Sister Glass Sculpter1, Star Sister Weapon Prowess2, Hafted Defense4, Weapon Expertise: Axes 6.

At-Will Powers: Cleave, Reaping Strike.

Encounter Powers: Stone’s Endurance, Passing Attack, Sweeping Blow.

Daily Powers: Villain’s Menace, Rain of Steel.

Utility Powers: Pass Forward (At-Will), Mighty Sprint (Encounter).

Equipment of note: +2 Rimfire Metal Half-Plate Armor (1K Lbc Luxury Drakescale Armor), +2 Metal Pole Axe, Amulet of Protection +2, Iron Armbands of Power L6, backpack, bedroll, flint & steel, belt pouch, trail rations (10 days), hemp rope (5o ft), Sunrod (x2), Waterskin.

Rituals: Enchant Magic Item, Transfer Enchantment, Brew Potion.

Finances: 429 Light Blue Chits

1 Equivalent to the Mark of making Dragon Mark Feat From Eberon. Character has mastered the Create Magic Item Ritual and can perform it at 2 levels higher than their current level, and can learn rituals from the creation category as if they had the Ritual Caster feat.

2 Star Sister Weapon Prowess
|Prerequisite: Star Sister|
|Benifit: You gain proficiancy in the long sword and all pole arms and a +2 feat bonus to damage rolls with such weapons. This bonus increases to +3 at 11th level and +4 at 21st level.|


See the Bio section in Star Sisters for explination of terminology.

Parents: Adora, Teela, and their four husbands.

Brothers: Elder Twine [Dwian (Elder, Deceased) & Dorian (Younger, Mated)], Kyle (Elder Twine, Of age), Younger Twine [Tom (Elder, Juvenile) & Tim (Younger, Juvenile)], Youngest Twine [Ezrii (Elder, Juvenile) & Erik (Younger, Juvenile).

Her Matra, Adora, is a highly successful merchant while her Mater, Teela, is a Colonel in the Star Sisters’ millitary. Despite her close relationship with her Matra Adora, Kaylin tends to take after her more rambunctious Mater Teela. Adora had hoped that Kaylin would follow into the merchantile business with her, but Kaylin prefered her other mother’s warior calling, gaining a reputation in her youth as something of a brawler, and a rather formidable one at that.

Dwain is the family tradgedy, and he is rarely spoken of. It was sortly after the conception of what was to be Kaylin’s twine while the happy family was walking home from an outing with their sons, when Dwain suddenly ‘Went Running’ both literaly and figuratively. The suden onset of Dwain’s hereditary insanity, coupled with its unusual level of ferocity, alowed him to intitialy break away from his mothers, and before they could stop him he literaly ran screaming infront of a cart trotting down the street. Before the startled driver even relized what was happening, Dwain had been run over and lay dead. It was a great time of sadness for the family that was finaly broken with the arival of Kaylin’s linked twine.

Kaylin gets along well with all of her fathers, although she has no particular favorite, and also with her eldest brother Dorian. Kaylin’s sisters in law through Dorian’s mating are Firth and Gailia. Gailia is a glass sculpter who works as a shipwrite for the Star Sisters’ Butterfly Starships, which Firth captains. It is a very prestigious mating, and the whole family is proud of Dorian. Kaylin gets along well with both of her sisters (especialy Firth who is a greeat drinking buddy when she is on leave). The family is waiting on Firth to compleat her current tour of duty before starting on their first twine.

Kaylin has a tendency to dote over her younger brothers Tom & Erik, but tries not to overdo it. Her youngest brother Tim however… Tim is a dandy with a prankster’s soul, and their mothers let him get away with EVERYTHING!!!! It’s not that Kaylin doesn’t love the little twerp, he is her brother after all, it’s just that she’d like to hang him from the ceiling by his ankles for a few weeks to straighten him out. So far, Adora and Teela have declined to allow this, but Kaylin remains ever hopeful.

She also has a very close relationship with her younger sister Ezrii, who idolizes her.

And then there is her twine, Kyle. The two of them are as close as any human set of fraternal twins ever were. Despite the fact that Kyle is the elder, as the girl of the family it is Kaylin who has been mentor and protector to him. She has always been there to offer advice, support, or sympathy as needed. In turn, he has always been a ready ear for her own troubles in her times of need. Being a boy, he could provide little more than moral support, but just knowing there was someone else in her corner, even if he couldn’t do much more than that, was often enough for Kaylin, who preferred to fight her own battles anyway. Kaylin has always been fierce in her protection of Kyle, and, although she tries to make sure that she allows him to fight his own battles as much as possible so he can do for himself, she has ever been quick to wage his battles with him when he has been in need. It was this that brought the hell-spawned Teil into her life.

It all started when one of the neighborhood kids, a boy named Tye, started picking on Kyle. Kyle had always been easy going and more than a little timid, and Tye was more than he could initially handle. Naturally, he went to his sister for help. Initially, Kaylin did her best to not get directly involved, instead giving Kyle advice on how to stand up to the bully and encouragement to boost his confidence. Slowly but surely, this began to work. Not liking the turn of events, Tye involved his sister, a young snob of a girl named Teil, into the matter, and she had no qualms about jumping strait in and tormenting Kyle directly. This, of course, drew Kaylin in immediately, as she was not about to stand for a girl picking on her twine brother.

Kaylin and Teil’s clash was immediate, nasty, and lasting. Things quickly degenerated in to a brawl between the two, and, for nearly the first time in her life, Kaylin was beaten. Teil was just too fast. She moved to strike before Kaylin could even finish putting her guard up. To make matters worse, although Teil was nowhere near as strong as Kaylin, she knew just where to hit to maximize the damage. Kaylin was down before she even knew what was happening. This of course, was not the end of it.

Their rivalry continued throughout their adolescent years. While Kaylin was stronger and perhaps a shade smarter, Teil was far quicker, much prettier, and had a far more cutting tongue. Wherever Kaylin went, whatever she was doing eventually Teil would show up and find a way to upstage her. Teil wooed every girl Kaylin tried to date, butted in to any sparing match Kaylin fought, interrupted every conversation she tried to have, and just plain dogged her every step with mischief. Teil always seemed to get the best of her, no matter what. As far as their sparring abilities went, it got so that Kaylin was the only one who wouldn’t back down from a fight with Teil, and Teil was the only one who could consistently beat Kaylin. In fact, Teil always beat Kaylin. The one time Teil tripped up and gave Kaylin the advantage, Teil palmed a small rock and savagely slashed Kaylin across her right eye from the forehead to the cheek. Teil, of course, used her slight of had skill to dispose of the rock, and claimed that it had been an accident with her fingernails. With a significant injury now involved, both sets of mothers intervened, and the two girls were warned that any further roughhousing would result in both girls being severely punished no matter who started it. The prohibition was effective, and this was their last physical fight, although it left some tension between the two families as each set of mothers believed their own daughter’s version of events. The only good thing to come about from all of this was that Teil was so busy harassing Kaylin that she stopped bothering Kyle altogether, and without her interference he learned to handle Tye on his own.

When she came of age, her mother Teela offered to secure her an officer’s commission in the military, but her Matra Adora wanted her to go into the family merchant business and argued that Kaylin was too much of a free spirit to enjoy a regimented military life. Kaylin was interested in Teela’s offer, but leery of disappointing Adora. The whole family discussed it together, and a compromise was reached. Kaylin would become a warrior, but she would work as a caravan guard for the family merchant convoys rather than join the military. This would give her a mix of adventure and excitement without binding her too tightly in a chain of command, and it would keep her in the family. Kaylin would probably have been happy with this, if it weren’t for Teil. Teil used her family’s money to secure herself an officer’s commission, and then lorded it over Kaylin, implying to her friends and those who knew her that Kaylin had not sought a commission because her mother Teela knew she wouldn’t be able to hack it. Teil constantly flaunted her own impending commission along with her good looks and her family’s longstanding influence one-upping Kaylin whenever she got the chance, especially in front of any other women Kaylin was interested in. This situation began to seriously get to Kaylin.

In her travels with her mother’s caravans, Kaylin has been twice to the settlements of the well-mannered Tobys, but this last caravan has brought her to Thistledorf. Provincial though this settlement is, it has something here that can be found virtually nowhere else on Tuteck. Metal, and the skill to work it. After getting over her initial delight and wonder at the display of so vast an amount of metal, it began to occur to Kaylin that this place offered her an opportunity that wasn’t to be missed. For all of the quick wits, quick maneuvers, stunning beauty, social graces, and money Teil had, she had no metal. If Kaylin could win her fortune here, she might return to The City sporting a fabulous metal armor and steel weapons, things Teil could not hope to match. Surely that would allow her to attract a girlfriend even in the face of Teil’s constant posturing. Besides, this metal stuff was just so awesome, Kaylin wanted to get some of it regardless.

And thus it stands. Kaylin has stayed in Thistledorf after the departure of the trade caravan back to The City. She sent a letter with it to her mothers telling them not to be concerned at her absence, and explaining to them that she has decided to seek her fortune here for a time, but not to worry as she will return when she is done. Adora will probably not be happy, but Kaylin is sure that Teela will understand and that she can convince her spouse to except it. With Teil about to enter basic training, she’ll be unable to bother Kyle even though Kaylin is out of the way, so there likely won’t be a better time on that front unless she wants to wait for Kyle to find a pair of wives to take care of him. (Perhaps if she can succeed here, her added stature might make it that much more easy for him to attract a good pair.) The only catch is that since Kaylin hadn’t planned on staying in Thistledorf for very long, she didn’t bring along much cash. After paying to make sure she has room and board for the next few weeks, she’s pretty much broke. She really needs to find a paying job… and fast.

Sister Kaylin

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