Player Races on Tuteck

Some of these races will need GM permission to play (the ones without 4th ed templates.)

The Bear people, The Berune , Discrim, and tracking scent, 2 lvl growth, 5d6 transform-only living plants. 50pt pkg.(Bugbear Pkg in 4th ed with skill in making wooden implements)

The Lion People, Content Not Found: 28092 , Detect Water,( 360, range, targeting,tracking, Descrim ) 1/2d6K claws, +5 Str. 40pt Pkg ( Hobgoblin pkg for D&D4th ed. With training in Nature)

The Salamander people, The Content Not Found: 12378, 104 pt pkg(Bullywug Pkg in 4th ed. But with regen. 3 Hp instead of the poison aura)

(good noble) Orcs, The Tobys, Immune from poison and disease, eat anything and go for days without food or sleep, IR vision, Empathy (360, Targeting, discrim) 50pt Pkg (Warforged Pkg for 4th ed With training in Insight)

(Brilliant, Metalworking) Humans

(manipulative, moneygrubing,Magic useing) Dwarves, +3 ECV, Ultra vision, +5 Con, Detect underground direction(descrim) Mining, 40pt Pkg (Duergar Pkg in 4th ed.)

(Beautiful,condesending) High elf Amazons,Content Not Found: 12629 , 78pt Pkg (Females are Goliath Pkg, Males are Githzari pkg in 4th ed. Females have telepathy with their own kind.)

(Hairless naked) Amazons, Content Not Found: 12630 , 115pt Pkg

The Dog People, The Zolan , Spatial awareness(scent,360 Descrim) Detect Magic(Descrim, Analyze,Telescopic+1, tracking)55pt Pkg (Half Orc Pkg In 4th ed with training in Arcana)

The Mouse People, The Furre , Shrinking 1lvl, Immune from poison and disease,+5 Dex, 45pt Pkg (Gnome Pkg in 4th ed & Must take “Poison inured” Feat and have at least 13 Con.)

The Weasel People,The Slek,+10 Dex, +3 spd+5 body,70 Pt Pkg

The Rabbit People, The Calyx Ultrasonic perception(Descrim, 360, targeting,+2),Tunneling 1”, Leaping +2”,Acrobatics and Breakfall,40pt Pkg (Githyanki Pkg but with self only leap and at will,)

The Pig People, The An-Phar ,Spatial awareness (smell,+8 Per,Descrim, Rng, Tracking) +5 Con,+5 Str, 60pt Pkg (Elf Pkg in 4th ed. Must have Improved initiative feat. And should have Perception training)

(big Ol’ Intelligent) Spiders, Leaping +5” , Extra Limbs 8, EC, Spatial awareness(360), 3d6 Entangle,1/2 d6 Poison (Contin.), Clinging 40Str, 80pt Pkg

The Dung Beetle People, THe “Dung” ,Armor 10 PD&ED Resist, 360 UV vision,6 limbs, +10 Pre Def. 50pt Pkg ( Dragonborn pkg in 4th ed. Breath weapon is acid. Must buy at least chain armor but it is considered always on.)

The Cricket People, The Peric , Leaping +5 ”,UVvision 360, 6 limbs,Shrinking 1lvl, Detect water (telescopic +4,tracking), 2d6 Con drain Bite,70pt Pkg (Half elf Pkg, but must have cleric at will power “Sacred Flame” as dilletant power but change “Range 5” to “Close Burst 1”. They also have the githyanki leap power but self only, and training with Nature.)

The Ant People, Ants ,Shrinking 1lvl, Uv vision 360, 6 Limbs, Clinging,+5 str, 40pt Pkg (Gnoll Pkg in 4th ed, just small sized)

The Kenku, Raven people.

The Kou Tao Fish people, (Kobold Pkg in 4th ed but medium sized)

Drow, ( Drow Pkg in 4th ed.) From Thynvlek Both they and thePoisoned Elves worship TheTriune

Poisoned Elves (Kalashtar Pkg OR Githzari Pkg in 4th ed.)

Content Not Found: 12583 (Wilden Pkg in 4th ed.)

Revanants ( are all Drow base race.)

Content Not Found: 12582 (Githyanki Pkg in 4th ed)

the Azer (Genasi w/ Firesoul in 4th ed)

Tel’Mal’Edge Drow (Half elf Pkg in 4th ed)

Zinyini (Human in 4th ed.)

Mountian Elves (Halfling Pkg In 4th ed. but medium sized)

Merru ,Big mean dog men (Goliath in 4th ed with training in Perception)

Bhukas, Desert holy goblins (Goblin pkg in 4th ed With training in Endurance)

The Patchwork Elves (The Broken from Content Not Found: 13122 ) (Shadar Kai OR Shifter Pkg In 4th Ed.)

Progeny (From Content Not Found: 13122, Look like Drow ) (Dwarf Pkg from 4th ed. With training in Insight , And telepahy with there own kind)

Content Not Found: 13121 (Deva Pkg in 4th ed. With training in Insight,And telepahy with their own kind.)

Content Not Found: 12720 ( Eladrin but with the Dragonborn “breath” weapon and required 8 con.)

The Rime barbarians. (Tiefling Pkg in 4th ed.)

Svirfneblin (Gnome pkg in 4th Ed, Training in Dungeoneering)

Tauren ( Minotaur Pkg in 4th ed. duh..)

Tagalog Hedgehog people ( Bladeling Pkg in 4th ed.)

Changeling ( Changling in 4th ED.)

Player Races on Tuteck

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