Party Loot

Party loot is equipment or items that are considered to belong to the whole party rather than one character because:
  1. It has been decided that the item needs to be available for use by multiple people, and not off with a singel character.
  2. It has been decided that when the item should or should not be used should be decided by party consensus, rather than a single individual.
  3. The item is new loot, not yet divied up for distribution to a single character or for sale.

Kaylin, as the party pack-horse, usualy has physical custody of these items unless otherwise noted.

Values listed using the Tuteck Glass Coin System.


  1. Key to Stone Doorway (Kaylin & Beau specificaly): ALWAYS caried by Kaylin.
  2. Sertrous Key (Kaylin & Beau specificaly): ALWAYS caried by Kaylin.
  3. Book of Maps & Gate instructions (Kaylin & Beau specificaly)
  4. Drugar sized Razor Armor (Kaylin & Beau specificaly): stored at the ranch, 1,000 Lbc
  5. Obsidian Ring (Kaylin & Beau specificaly)
  6. Field Provison Box – Everlasting Provisions, except that it feeds 15 medium or 5 large, and is the size of a chest.
  7. Soul Jar
  8. Shroud of Perpetual Beauty
  9. Ritual Book: Hand of Fate
  10. Ritual Book: Vampiric Touch (See Andy’s Funny Magic Items)
Special Notes:

Party Loot

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