Sister Teil

A dark haird Star Sister beauty with an arrogant smile and a dagger up her sleeve.


Star Sisters Rouge, HP: 22, Healing Surges per Day: 6, Speed:6

STR: 12, CON: 10, DEX: 18, INT: 11, WIS: 11, CHA: 14

AC: 16, FORT: 11, REF: 16, WILL: 13

Rouge Tactic: Brutal Scoundrel

Armor Proficiencies: Cloth, leather.

Weapon Proficiencies: Dagger, hand crossbow, shuriken, sling, short sword.

Trained Skills: Acrobatics (Dex), Bluff (Cha), Insight (Wis), Perception (Wis), Stealth (Dex), Thievery (Dex).

Racial Skill Bonuses: +2 Athletics & Nature.

Class Feets: None.

Chosen Feats: Improved Initiative, Atime^1^.

At-Will Powers: Piercing Strike, Sly Flourish.

Encounter Powers: Stone’s Endurance, Dazing Strike.

Daily Powers: Press the Advantage (Martial Power).

Utility Powers: Master of Deceit (encounter).

Equipment of Note: Has custom crafted, highly decorative (abet fully functional) dager that she keeps on her at all times. She has a lage and vaired wardrobe of fine clothing desinged to show off her beauty. When she’s expecting trouble (either to run into it or more usualy cause it) she wears leather armor studded with glass studs of the most expensive colors.

1 A unique feat that alows Teil to use rouge attack powers that normaly require a light blade with unarmed attacks and to also aply sneak attack damage to unarmed attacks (still requires comabt advantage).


Has mothers Gertrude & Gretchen, and 3 fathers. They are an old money family, who leave the day to day management of their family lands to well paid employees, and live the life of gentry in The City.

Brothers: Tye (Younger Twine, Of age), Younger Twine [Dell (Elder, Juvinile) & Dill (Younger, Juvinile)]

She has been rivals with Sister Kaylin since the two were in their early teens, and Teil enjoys humiliating her, especially in a fight. Teil is brutal and fights dirty. She is the one responsible for the scar over Kaylin’s right eye.

Teil is rich and arrogant. She gets her kicks by feeding her own ego at the expense of others, especially through social degradation, and public humiliation. Kaylin is one of the few people who will stand up to her regardless of the abuse, and despite the fact that she always seems to come out the looser in their encounters, she won’t quite. Teil would be happy to leave the little bitch to her own devices, if Kaylin would just stay beaten down. Her twine, Tye, is much like her, and has a standing rivalry with Kaylin’s twine Kyle. It was Tye picking on Kyle that drew in Teil and then Kaylin, thus starting their rivalry.

Teil recently had her mothers use their money and influence to arrange her an officer’s commission in order to rub Kaylin’s nose in the fact that her mother (a captain) did not get her an officer’s commission despite her interest in the military. This has worked to infuriate Kaylin, despite the fact that her family decided together not to get her such a commission (they could have if they’d wanted). It seems that the mere fact that Teil was willing to go that far to get her goat was sufficient to get her goat all on its own. However, despite having come of age, Teil is still young and headstrong, and may have inadvertently outsmarted herself in her hast to one-up her rival. The commission, now that it has been obtained, binds her to a term of enlistment. The military is a regimented organization with a strict hierarchy, and rigorous physical conditioning, and Teil did not take this into consideration when she enlisted on a whim to annoy Kaylin. In fact, she still hasn’t given it any real consideration. She may be starting as an officer, but it’s still as an entry level junior officer, and it remains to be seen how this privileged child of money and leisure will react once she is thrown into a world where she is required to perform physical labor and to live on someone else’s schedule.

Sister Teil

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