La'Sharra Thex

Queen of the Thyn’vlek Drow, she is an atractive Drow woman whith midnight black skin, long silver hair down past her shoulders, and deep violet eyes. She stands 6 ft high and wears a suit of fine magical chainmail enchanted by her own hand.


Drow Invoker Flame of Hope, HP: 64, Healing Surges per Day: 8, Speed:6

STR: 10, CON: 14, DEX: 11, INT: 17, WIS: 21, CHA: 11

AC: 28, FORT: 23, REF: 24, WILL: 26

Divine Implements: Staffs & rods

Armor Proficiencies: Cloth, leather, hide, chainmail.

Weapon Proficiencies: Simple melee, simple ranged.

Trained Skills: Archana, Diplomacy, Insight, Religion.

Covenant of Preservation

Background: Raised in a Temple, +2 to Religion.

Racial Skill Bonuses: +2 Stealth & Intimidate.

Class Feets: Ritual Caster.

Chosen Feats: Invoker Defense, Insightful Preservation, Jack of All Trades,Divine Heritage1, Arcane Initiate, Second Implement: Staff of Defense2, Improved Staff of Defense.

At-Will Powers: Sun Strike & Vanguard’s Lightning.

Encounter Powers: Cloud of Darkness/Darkfire, Preserver’s Rebuke/Rebuke Undead, Blades of Astral Fire, Glyph of Imprisonment, Baleful Eye of Judgment, Thunderwave, Numinous Cascade, Staff of Defense.

Daily Powers: Angelic Echelon, Healing Word, Searing Orb, Fourfold Invocation of Doom.

Utility Powers: Shroud of Warning (D), Astral Step (D), Angelic Visage (E).

Rituals: Gentle Repose, Hand of Fate.

Equipment of note: Drow Spidermesh Braidmail Armor +3, Amulet of Protection +3, Defensive Staff +3 and a holy symbol of Zaknhrae found about her neck when she was left on the Temple doorstep.

Finances: She comands the resorses of Thyn’vlek.

1 The holder of this feat is decended from the gods. As such, they recive training in the Religion skill, once per day they can use the cleric’s healing word power, and they may select Power-Swap multiclass feats for any divine class.

2 House rules allow her to use this feat to acquire the Arcane Implement Mastery class feature in conjunction with her multiclass wizard feat.

Amber Stats


  • Stregth: Human
  • Endurance: Human
  • Psyche: Chaos
  • Warfare: Human


  • Sorcery
  • Conjury


  • Amber Devotee?

Twin sister of Arash Na’Astrie. Left on the doorstep of the Temple of the Triune as an infant along with her sister, the two were raised as the daughters of the influential priestess E’Anallina Na’Astrie until the Coming of the Necromancer.

Eventualy, her sister discovered that their true mother is the goddess Drathira, and that they were sired by the eldest brother of the the previously reinging queen. Raised under the name of Coreiena Na’Astrie, her true name is La’Sharra Thex; an alternate version of Lararra, which means The Lawful Queen, that is used when the name bearer is one of a set of identical twins. (Drow Name Generator) Here sister’s true name is Na’Sharra. With The Necromancer’s asasination of the entire Royal House Thex, that leaves Coreiena and her sister Arash as the sole surviving members of the royal line. As the eldest of the pair, that makes Arash the rightful Queen of Chednavar, and until such time as she produces an heir, that leaves Coreiena as the crown princess.

Since the total destruction of the capital city and most of the rest of Chdnavar, La’Sharra has become the queen of the only surviving outpost of the lost kingdom, the city of Thyn’vlek. Thyn’vlek is located on another world, and is connected to Tuteck through a magical doorway at the Caves of Glass where the Poisoned Elves dwel. Her sister was suposed to lead a group of survivers from the capital city to dwel with Poisoned Elves and rule jointly with their Queen Edheldrin. However, Queen Na’Sharra and her people rejected the Poisoned Elves and the edicts of the Triune that led them there, and have since dissapeared to places unknown.

La’Sharra is an Invoker and originaly thought she drew her divine powers from Zaknhrae. Despite her aliance with the god, it is actualy her own divine essence from which she draws her powers.

La’Sharra has closely allied with Queen Sherilyn of the Star Sisters on Tuteck by marrying her son Ja’Amie. Currently, they have one Daughter: Gemini Thex.

La'Sharra Thex

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